Juvenile Criminal Law

Texas Law says children ages 10 to 16, can be charged, arrested and taken out of your home for various crimes.  

Many think a juvenile conviction won't hurt. They are wrong.  Even an arrest record can cost a child their best future.  

Children Deserve an Advocate

Johnson and Martinez have worked on hundreds of juvenile matters.  Johnson has been recognized nationally for her groundbreaking work on behalf of children, in the case of In re B.W.   "When beginning to challenge the adjudication [conviction] for that child, people told me I couldn't win and that's because [convicting the child] is just the way we've always done things.  I couldn't accept that answer.  Just because the government has always done it, doesn't mean it's right."  Says Ann: "Children deserve a strong advocate." 

Juvenile Law Consequences

A child being charged is a critical matter.  Ages 10 -16 are formidable years and  telling a child that they are a "criminal"  can brand them and even set them on a path to meet those expectations.  

Legally, juvenile law consequences may remain with a child throughout their life as some charges and adjudications can result in a permanent criminal record.  Children often face being removed from their home and placed in local or state facilities.     

Contact a juvenile law attorney to best understand the consequences of your child's charges or allegations.   

Many children in school are misunderstood and inappropriate behavior can lead to criminal charges when other interventions may best help. Many areas now have alternative specialty court programs in order to better assist and lessen the possibility of a criminal conviction.  Johnson and Martinez have significant experience in specialty courts.

In addition to her criminal law and mental health work, Martinez also served as a child advocate. 

Johnson is a former Juvenile Mental Health Court Defense Attorney handling cases for children with mental health diagnosis.  Johnson is also a founding member of GIRLS (Growing Independence and Restoring Lives) Court.