Prosecuting Civil Crimes of abuse and sexual exploitation

How do you right a wrong? 

Some circumstances may warrant both criminal and civil action.

Some harms are not criminal law violations, even so our Constitution allows people to be made whole when another member of our community has hurt us by wrong doing.  

Johnson Martinez recognize the importance of prosecuting civil wrongs, which often leave victims with lifelong damage.   

Sexual Assault and Rape  

Johnson and Martinez have spent years advocating on behalf of victims of abuse and sexual exploitation, having worked with hundreds of women, and many men, who have suffered at the hands of exploiters and rapists. Johnson and Martinez know many victims struggle with the belief they did something to deserve their assault.  Often the seeds of this doubt are planted by the very people who harmed them.  

We are here to listen to and fight for you.

School sexual assaults or school Bullying

People say "boys will be boys" or "horse play" in school locker rooms can be part of growing up.  Wrong.  Often children subjected to bullying are subjected to severe emotional harm and sexual style assaults.  Children deserve that each school provide a safe environment. Unfortunately, that safety is not always provided, which is why Federal Law may allow you the opportunity to take the school to court to establish protections for all children.   

Johnson and Martinez have worked with many victims and understand how significant that split second in time can change your life forever.